I have set of user data from another wordpress site and i want o create users for each of them in a another wordpress web site..,it is works fine with wp_insert_user($user) but problem is the password is hashed agin..,so i can't log with that login information,so how can i create user with hash password or stop creating hashed password


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You would have to update the password column in the database (see below). But this alone won't work. Password hashes are salted using the SALT keys in your wp-config.php (this must be kept secret). Your new site would need to have identical keys for the password verification to work.

The following function updates a given user's password field (in the database) with the provided (hashed) password:

 * @param int $user_id The user ID
 * @param string $hashed_password The hashed password
 * @return int The number of rows updated (should be 1 or 0 ).
function wpse_update_password_field( $user_id, $hashed_password ){
   global $wpdb;

   return $wpdb->update( 
        array( 'user_pass' => $hashed_password ),
        array( 'ID' => $user_id )

Well for creating hash passwords have a look at this:


IT sounds like it's not hashing it properly. for example:

$password_hashed = '$P$B55D6LjfHDkINU5wF.v2BuuzO0/XPk/';
$plain_password = 'test';

That utilises MD5.

Try reading into wp_hash_password

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