So I am serializing some options in WordPress and then localizing them to be used in my jQuery script, however what I am trying to do next isn't working.

jQuery('.advert')+ lu_ban_object.method +('<div>Hello World</div>')

So in my db I've got some values serialized; following is the data that is being localized to used as method chosen by the user


Essentially what it should do is;

jQuery('.advert').wrap('<div>Hello World</div>')

The user can also append, prepend, wrap, etc but it is just not working, the methods are being localized and serialized so it should work, but it isnt. I have tried the following as well;

jQuery('.advert')lu_ban_object.method('<div>Hello World</div>')
jQuery('.advert')jQuery(lu_ban_object.method)('<div>Hello World</div>')

Is just not working.... anyone know how to solve this. or am I doing it the wrong way? I just have a list in the settings page and each has a value for a different method such as;

<select name="lu_ban_data[method]" id="lu_ban_data" />
        <option value=".append">Append</option>
        <option value=".prepend">Prepend</option>
        <option value=".wrap">Wrap</option>
        <option value=".parent().parent().wrap">Parent</option>

update: var dump

array (size=4)
  'title' => string 'My custom title' (length=15)
  'msg' => string 'My message' (length=10)
  'image' => string 'http://i.imgur.com/3tPjx4l.png' (length=30)
  'method' => string '.prepend' (length=8)

I tried the bracket solution but still nothing, jQuery('.advert')[lu_ban_object.method]("<div>Hello World</div>") I am getting the following error: Uncaught TypeError: Object [object Object] has no method '.prepend' So I added the plus symbols and the message went away but the div was still not being added to the page +[lu_ban_object.method]+

following is my localized data that is being printed in the header

<script type='text/javascript'>
/* <![CDATA[ */
var lu_ban_object = {"title":"My custom title","msg":"My message","image":"http:\/\/i.imgur.com\/3tPjx4l.png","method":".prepend"};
/* ]]> */

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If lu_ban_object.method equals the string wrap, and you'd like to use that string to call jQuery's wrap() method, you'd use bracket notation :

jQuery(function($) {
    $('.advert')[lu_ban_object.method]('<div>Hello World</div>');
  • i didn't know about the bracket notation. thnx! +1
    – webdwall
    Commented Jul 15, 2013 at 6:31

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