I'm trying to create a set of buttons on wordpress Page post types that allow the end user to create a new page that is a sibling (same parent page) or a child page of the current page.

In order to do so, i'm creating a link post-new.php and populating the parameter parent_id in the URL.

In my functions.php, I've hooked wp_insert_post ... the problem I have now is how to actually set the post_parent on the $post object ... I dont see any Wordpress functions to do so; I've tried using wp_update_post ... but this doesnt seem to work for me ... here's the code in my functions.php:


function grey_templater_set_post_parent($postid,$post) {

        if ( ! $parentid = grey_get_post_parent_by_url()
                or 'auto-draft' !== $post->post_status )

        $mypage = array();
        $mypage['ID'] = $postid;
        $mypage['post_parent'] = $parentid;
        wp_update_post( $mypage );


function grey_get_post_parent_by_url() {

        if (! isset( $_GET['parent_id'] ) )
                return FALSE;

        return array_map('sanitize_title', explode(',', $_GET['parent_id']));
  • When you say update post does not work, how exaclty is it behaving? Are you sure there is a value in $postid. $postid is not a global variable, but $post is, so try $postid = $post->ID; – Vigs Jul 10 '13 at 14:24
  • I assumed that since do_action('wp_insert_post', $post_ID, $post) passes 2 params to my hook, that the first would be the post ID. I've done as you suggested and get the same result ... when wp_update_post is called, it seems to endlessly redirect and eventually results in an error – Paul Allen Jul 10 '13 at 14:54

... the problem I have now is how to actually set the post_parent on the $post object ... I dont see any Wordpress functions to do so...

From the Codex:

$post (array) (required)
An array representing the elements that make up a post. There is a one-to-one relationship between these elements and the names of columns in the wp_posts table in the database.

To set your post parent, pass 'post_parent' => <parent_id> as part of the array that you pass to wp_update_post. That part should be right as far as I can tell, but as you say does not seem to work. But read on.

What you are doing creates an infinite Loop when I try it, though, since wp_update_post used wp_insert_post. You hook gets called over and over until the site runs out of memory. I suspect that that is part of the problem here. That can be fixed with this:

function grey_templater_set_post_parent($postid,$post) {

What you are also doing, potentially, is setting the post parent on a revision. You need to compensate.

$postid = (wp_is_post_revision( $postid )) ? wp_is_post_revision( $post ) : $postid;

But that still doesn't work. I am not sure why (I'd be happy if someone could tell me though), but I am skipping over that because this is not the hook I'd use. Even if this worked you'd have two database writes, and you only need one. There is a hook called wp_insert_post_data that runs before the post is inserted/updated at all.


function grey_templater_set_post_parent( $data, $postarr) {
  if ( ! $parentid = grey_get_post_parent_by_url()
          or 'auto-draft' !== $post->post_status )
    $data['post_parent'] = $parentid; 

    return $data;

That does work, assuming your grey_get_post_parent_by_url() function works.

  • thanks ... that seems like the hook i should be looking at – Paul Allen Jul 10 '13 at 17:19

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