I'm using the ACF Taxonomy field add-on to select a category and (hopefully) return details for that category, e.g. slug, title etc.
The custom field get_field('category_test') returns the category ID, in this case being 4, I then want to use this category ID to fetch the category slug in one instance, and the category title in another.

I'm trying this in my functions.php:

function get_cat_slug($cat_id) {
$cat_id = (int)$cat_id;
$category = &get_category($cat_id);
return $category->slug;

and calling it in my page.php using echo get_cat_slug(get_field('category_test')); but the slug that is being returned is uncategorized instead of the category 'test' with the ID of 4. Even trying this $catinfo = get_category(get_field('category_test')); returns the array for uncategorized, everything I try doesn't seem to work, is there any reason for this? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


Clearly this is because the ID you are passing to get_category is wrong (false or 0). i don't know how you configured the taxonomy add on but do a vaR_dump and double check what data the get_field function is returning, maybe it's an array with a single value in it :


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