I have this WordPress static site: http://www.saranistri.com/

As you can see at the end of each page there is a link named Pemalink into a box.

I want to remove this box and this link. Can I do this operation directly from the WordPress backend or have I to remove it directly from the code of my template?




You can do this in 2 ways:

Remove it from HTML source code (harder, but more correct)

Find <footer class="post-meta"> in your theme files, and remove (or comment) it (with contents). You will see something like this in one of your files:

<footer class="post-meta">
    <a href="...</a>

Just remove this part of code or comment it. (Of course don't forget to backup these files before modyfying them).

Hide it with CSS

To do it, just add this:

footer.post-meta {
    display: none;

to your CSS file.

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