I want to hide most of the backend links added by TinyMCE Templates plugin. I have problem with 'Copy to a new template' link inside Publish box. Plugin code:

add_action('post_submitbox_start', array(&$this, 'post_submitbox_start'));

I try (and it doesn't work):

function remove_post_submitbox_link(){
    global $tinymceTemplates;
    remove_action('post_submitbox_start', array( $tinymceTemplates, 'post_submitbox_start' ) );
add_action('plugins_loaded', 'remove_post_submitbox_link', 11);

Why that doesn't work?


Whilst you've got the right idea, it won't work in this case. Taking a look at the source code, the class is simply instantiated without an assign. There's no way to get a hold of $this from outside the class, and so no way for you to remove the hooks it attaches itself to.

This is why I'm a strong advocate of static methods in plugins. I would suggest contacting the author or TinyMCE Templates & asking if he would consider moving to this style of coding, or at least assigning the class instance to a global variable so that your code will indeed work.

Short term fix? Edit the plugin file & remove the add_action line, or use remove_all_actions( 'post_submitbox_start' ), though do so with extreme caution!

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