The Vote it up plugin is nice but once you vote something you can't undo.

Is there a voting plugin which is similar to the one you find here at StackExchange?

(You can undo your vote and vote down).

  • See if any of the similar topics yield any useful information or links to plugins that suit: wordpress.stackexchange.com/search?q=thumbs+up+down - Just a suggestion because we've had a handful of questions similar to this.
    – t31os
    Feb 25, 2011 at 18:57
  • There was a plugin I ran across about a year ago that did this. I can't remember the name. If I find it, I'll post it as an answer for you.
    – Zack
    Feb 25, 2011 at 19:03
  • I can't post an answer to this but another one that looks similar to Q&A WordPress plugin by WPMUdev is Design Wall Question & Answer -wordpress.org/plugins/dw-question-answer
    – Daniel
    Nov 25, 2014 at 2:48

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Yes there is a Stackexchange-like voting plugin for WordPress. The beta was just released today developed by one of our members and available from WPMUdev. The plugin is Q&A WordPress Questions and Answers.

See screenshots below:

enter image description here


enter image description here

  • I originally upvoted this answer, but having actually used WP Q&A (and having paid for it even)... It sucks. As an admin it is a nightmare. There are no good moderation/curation features. People try and treat it like a forum and there is no way to make an "answer" that is really a question into it's own question. There's a reason it took Jeff & Co. 6 months to get the beta out the door. This plugin is rudimentary at best. I do not recommend it. You're better off just getting a PHPBB forums...
    – cmcculloh
    Aug 6, 2012 at 13:50
  • I never have used it and was not endorsing it anyway. Thanks for the comment, good to know.
    – Chris_O
    Aug 6, 2012 at 14:11

Yes! Check out CubePoints.

Is a point management system designed for WordPress blogs.
Users can earn points by posting comments creating posts, or even by logging in on your site. Also your users can be awarded with ranks automatically when they reach certain points as well.

  • That's pretty kool!
    – kaiser
    Mar 21, 2011 at 20:43
  • @kaiser Yes, it's a very nice plugin, and in the 3beta version includes a paypal module and some other features also!
    – Philip
    Mar 31, 2011 at 19:06
  • 2
    This is not a voting plugin. It is a point management plugin. May 19, 2013 at 19:24
  • @whitelettersandblankspaces The reason of your downvote? do you think that isn't a voting plugin? I suggest you to take a beep look on how it works and free your imagination on how to use it!
    – Philip
    May 21, 2013 at 15:06
  • @Philip, I read cubepoints code source. Why not to create its own voting system if you need to create a whole module for that in Cubepoints. I think already built in modules of Cubepoints allow only points and achievements management, not a stack-exchange-like voting system. May 21, 2013 at 15:12

I've used GD Star Rating; it's similar to Vote It Up. It allows you to add thumbs up/down and/or star ratings to posts, pages, comments, etc.

Its major drawback is the complex setup and options.


Yes, There is a Wordpress voting plugin. Please Visit http://plugins.ohiowebtech.com/downloads/wordpress-voting-photo-contest-plugin/ for details

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