I am using the advanced custom fields plugin for posts. I would like to know where custom fields are stored. I checked the wp_posts table. However, I could not find the posts with custom fields. I would like to know in which table are they stored in database.

  • Hello @ChetanaKestikar - since ACF is not actually a part of WordPress, it's difficult to say where it stores data without a great deal of knowledge regarding the inner workings of the plugin. For that reason, your question would be best addressed in the official ACF support channels.
    – bosco
    Mar 25, 2017 at 2:49

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From the codex for custom fields:

The PostMeta information is stored in a new table, $wpdb->postmeta. This table has four fields:

'meta_id' - A unique id for each entry.
'post_id' - The ID of the post for this metadata.
'meta_key' - The name of the 'key'.
'meta_value' - The value associated with the key.

This of course assumings that ACF uses the default WordPress stucture and not a custom database.


How do we know which ACF field is unused vs used?

This info for a custom field was listed in the "meta_value" field does this mean that there is associated content? It was a relationship field in ACF


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