I need a cron job to execute the following url


The problem is that it requires to be logged in as admin, what are my options? I've tried a few plugins but they use hooks instead of just executing a url and the cron jobs provided by the control panel does not log in to the website.

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    I don't think he is necessarily asking for a plugin, just a solution.
    – vancoder
    Jun 26, 2013 at 22:34

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Your option using WP internals would be to use the HTTP API along with wp schedule event

Create a scheduled event, something like:

register_activation_hook(__FILE__, 'my_schedule');
add_action('execute_my_url', 'do_this_daily');

function my_schedule() {
    $timestamp = //some time you want it to run
    wp_schedule_event($timestamp, 'daily', 'execute_my_url');

function do_this_daily() {
    wp_remote_get( '../ =myvideoblog/mvb_main.php&action=processfeed&updatefeed=67', $args);

This is a simple example please refer to the codex for additional techniques and/or arguments.

It's important to note WP cron only triggers when someone visits your WordPress site, fora true stateless cron you would need to use something at the server level or a better wrapper.

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