Does anyone know if there is a Wordpress plugin for the following:

Let's say we have a page with certain information, for instance details about a product. I could make a link to another page with details about the pricing for that product, but I would like to have this accessible from the first page via a switchable button.

I'd like a two part button (tabs?) on the top of the page. Clicking part/tab A would show product details, clicking part/tab B would show the pricing information.

I think I have seen this implementation before, but can't find it.


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I would use jQuery tabs because they look slick and it's your best bet to keep up with all the various browser idiosyncrasies.


  • However, Matt Cutts admits there is a "hidden text" penalty now. If you care about SEO, do some research on this. This has people with tabbed product pages freaked out and (as far as I know) Matt is not very specific about how much info in "hidden" tab is too much. So if you have a lot of information per tab and you care about SEO, consider avoiding javascript-based tabs and make a totally new URL for each tab.
    – Jay Brunet
    Commented Feb 25, 2011 at 14:53

if you want to create tabs on your own the this article http://michaelwender.com/2010/11/01/creating-wordpress-shortcodes-for-jquery-tools-tabs/ is a great place to start

and if you want you can use one of these plugins:

Hope this Helps


@EAMann, my appologies. I was in a hurry that time. Here is a more elaborate answer:

@Joop, if I understand the question correctly you are not looking for a tabs-plugin per se, but for a way to add content of other pages to your tabs. This can be done using the Improved Include Page plugin. This plugin adds the content of another page into the page of your choice. Example: [include-page id="123"]. You might be able to combine this with the earlier mentioned Wordpress Post Tabs plugin (or another one): [tab name="Specifications"][include-page id="123"][/tab][tab name="Pricing Information"][include-page id="456"][/tab][end_tabset]

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