How would you recommend adding videos to my website's home page slideshow, here is the php code that creates the slideshow:

<?php global $gpp; ?> 
<div class="app">
<div id="slideshow">
 $slides = array('gpp_slideshow_image_1','gpp_slideshow_image_2','gpp_slideshow_image_3');
    foreach ($slides as $slide) {
        if($gpp[$slide]<>"") {
            echo '<div class="slide"><img alt="'.get_bloginfo('name').'" src="'.$gpp[$slide].'" /></div>',"\n";
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    What is gpp_slideshow... ? It's not something from WordPress core.
    – Rarst
    Jun 24, 2013 at 22:25

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From the GPP Slideshow description:

The GPP Slideshow plugin for WordPress allows you to create minimalist image slideshows...

This plugin is built to only handle image slideshows, so I seriously doubt it could easily handle non-image content such as videos. You're much better off moving on to a slideshow that is built to handle multiple types of media. (Sidenote: And if that's the slideshow code then it's rather inaccessible anyway and you're better off moving on for that reason alone.)

As a rule I don't like slideshows so I don't use them much, but some plugins that might be better-suited to your task are AnythingSlider (might be abandoned, though, so proceed at your own risk) or one that uses FlexSlider 2.

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