I want to change woocommerce search. And want to limit the search to Product title and Category and Tag only excluding description and short description.

Search Form is in plugins/woocommerce/woocommerce-template.php file, Named get_product_search_form(). but how to apply filter at search of this form.

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There are no specific searches for WooCommerce. It utilizes WordPress default search system. By default WordPress does not search within tags ( not sure if that has changed for WP 3.6 ). It searches only in titles and description. This is the same if it is for a product.


Here I am, a little late, but this Question came up in my search, and I thought I could drop two links about it.

A plugin that could prove useful is SearchWP. But, if you would like to read a bit and write your own code, you could take a look at James Collings' blog, which contains a lot of useful information and hints.

Note: When reading Collings' article and copy/pasting his code into your own, don't forget to change the names of WP tables to a more portable format; for example:


should become

" . $wpdb->prefix . "postmeta

And, of course, put a

global $wpdb;

line at the beginning of the functions using the prefixes (otherwise PHP won't know where to go to load that $wpdb object)

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