I create a role and set capabilities for a group of user.

$userdata = array(
$uid = wp_insert_user($userdata);
    $blogger = new WP_User($uid);
    //add role
    $capabilities =  array(
        'read' => true,
        'publish_posts' => true,
        'edit_published_posts' => true,
        'delete_published_posts' => true,
        'edit_posts' => true,
        'delete_posts' => true
    add_role('blogger_simple', 'blogger_simple', $capabilities);
    $blogger -> set_role('blogger_simple');

Now, the user create successfully. I logged in to the system, and create one post , just one post.

Then I click the menu Post --> All Posts and found three columns there Mine(number) All(number) Published(number).

I click All(2), find I can see others posts?
I click Published(2), still 2 posts one is mine the other is by admin What's more, I search post, got the same results.

That's not I want, I just want to get my posts not by admin and all other user's post. How do I get just my posts when I click All/Published link below All posts menu, and also the search box.


You will need to filter that list.

function alter_views_wpse_103613($views) {
  $role = 'blogger_simple';
  if (current_user_can($role)) {
    $views = array('mine'=>$views['mine']);
  return $views;
add_filter( 'views_edit-post', 'alter_views_wpse_103613' );

That filter list is part of the WP_List_Table class if you want to investigate more. Look for the views method.

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