If I put a function that I want to use in a template I can put it into functions.php

function myfunction(){
echo 'My String';


and in a template file put:


This appears to only work if writing something out to the screen. If I wanted to return a variable instead to the page. E.g.

function myfunction(){
return 'My String';

$string = do_action('myfunction');

and capture it instead of print it. How would I do it?

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There's filters for that.


add_filter( 'template_filter', 'wpse_102706_filter_callback', 10, 2 );
function wpse_102706_filter_callback( $defaults, $case )
    $args = wp_parse_args( array(
        'some_key' => 'some_modified_value'
    ), $defaults );

    return $args

Then in your template just add in the defaults:

apply_filters( 'template_filter', array( 'some_key' => 'default_val' ), 'single' );

More info in Codex about the Plugins API.

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