I would like to create a custom WP admin area, that uses custom URLs to navigate thought it and have a custom generated HTML.

A member will be able to login via a custom URL, for example: mysite.com/dashaboard or my.mysite.com When logged in a member will be able to see custom admin area where she/he can create pages, view/edit profile and so forth.

I know this is doable in WP. However, I can't find anything that would explain the whole process well and take me through the steps in more detail.

Currently, I don't know at all how to start tackling this. What's the best URL structure as a subdomain or not? What other considerations should be thought about? How to seamlessly integrate login/logout/password reminder WP functionality? How to integrate WP page and post creation (I'm guessing via URL masking)?

I know this is a massive task. I would hugely appreciate if someone could explain a general picture of how to achieve this and what should be considered and help me to go through it step by step. Maybe someon can give me some pointers/links to research first, then I will get back to for help for the next step and so on.

This might be a massive task for the stackexchange, perhaps someone will consider becoming my programming mentor and we can communicate via email/skype.

I really much want to learn this. Please help me :) I'm ready to invest time into research and learning, but I need guidelines and mentoring.

What do you guys think? Any ideas and pointers are much appreciated.

Thank you, Dasha

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Wordpress has some pretty solid documentation for this. What you are asking for will require that you learn a good bit of programming.

Check out here for basic plugin development information: https://codex.wordpress.org/Writing_a_Plugin

This page has specific information about making your own administration panels: https://codex.wordpress.org/Adding_Administration_Menus

If this is something you are passionate about I would consider looking around at local community colleges for courses in web programming. There are also numerous classes/guides available online if you learn well that way.


I've never seen any working method to do this. AFAIK, the consensus among developers is that masking/re-branding wp-admin URL is not feasible. The Question that deals with this here at WPSE is: Can I rename the wp-admin folder? Answer: no.

A bit more of research with other attempts:

As for the Login URLs, it's easy because it runs on the root file wp-login.php and there are plenty of filter hooks.
For that, I use @bainternet's plugin WordPress Easy Login URL with no htaccess.

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