I'm having trouble with my custom theme's search function. I have a number of posts with apostrophes in the title. For example, McDonald's.

However, when I try searching say McDonalds, the post won't return in the search results.

How can I go about making sure that McDonald's would return in the result even if the user didn't include the apostrophe.

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Your question isn't much of a WordPress related question, more like a MySQL question.
But I have sort of a solution in my head:

You could go with a custom query and a replace on the apostrophe:

SELECT * FROM `table`
WHERE REPLACE( `column`, "'", "") LIKE REPLACE( 'string', "'", "" )

For a combined search:

SELECT *, REPLACE( `column`, "'", "" ) AS `custom`
WHERE `column` LIKE 'string'
OR `custom` LIKE 'string'

It isn't worlds most beautiful solution, but you could give it a shot.

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