I am working on a CPT in which I need to add some meta fields with which user can attach media. There is a condition to attach any one mime-type attachment to single post.

I created a two meta fields, 1) attachment type and 2) attachment. In Attachment Type user can select attachment types, like document, pdf, audio, video or image. And, in second field user can select media from media manager.

Now, I am facing issue that some time user is selecting different type of media than select attachment type. Like, he is selected the attachment type Video and attached the Image or Audio file with post.

How can I limit the Media Manager to specific mime-type? Like if user is selected the Audio then Media Manager will only display the audio files only. Or, if the user is selected the Image then display the images only in Media Manager.


This is not full solution, it's only a direction for you to work with media uploader

Firstly, you need to know how to implement Media Uploader in your plugin/theme. You can learn that from the file: wp-admin/js/custom-background.js which is used by WP for custom background page.

If that's too hard to understand, then read this tutorial, it explains each line of code for you.

Secondly, when you implement Media Uploader, you know there's an option object for the media frame. That object contains a list of many options, which are non-documented. We can see them only by viewing the wp-includes/js/media-views.js file.

For your need, you need to pass an option type for library, some thing like this:

// Create a frame only if needed
if ( !frame )
    var frameOptions = ( {
        className   : 'media-frame rwmb-file-frame',
        multiple    : true,
        title       : 'Select files'
    } );

    if ( mimeType )
        frameOptions.library = {
            type : mimeType

    frame = wp.media( frameOptions );

// Open media uploader

// Remove all attached 'select' event
frame.off( 'select' );

// Handle selection
frame.on( 'select', function() {... } );

There's variable in the code: mimeType, and you need to pass value to it using jQuery when user choose a type from your 1st input field.

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Since you want to limit your user to see media file on based of attachment type custom meta.

1.To get post meta


2.To Change the default-view of Media Library drive code using attacment -type post meta

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    I don't see how you use the data that you got from get_post_meta in order to limit the mime-type allowed in the media library upload...
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    May 26 '13 at 8:14

$post->ID refers to the current attachment. Attachments, posts, pages, menus, are all considerd "posts" by wordpress.

$type = get_post_mime_type($post->ID);

    if ( $type == "image/jpeg" or $type == "image/gif" or $type == "image/png")
     echo 'This attachment is a '.$type.' attachment.';

Not exactly an answer to the overal problem, but this demonstrates how you can get the mime type of a attachment or "post" atleast by using php.

to do it with jquery, maybe:

If you have a pre rendered link available you can use jquery to find the file exstension located at the end of the link and do you conditional based on that.

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