I show the all menu which i have on the top in dropdown style when site is open in mobiles. I successfully display them in dropdown style but the problem is that how can i indend my subpages. or make parent pages bolg is any way to do that, my code is

<nav id="nav-mobile" role="navigation">
                <select id="mob_menu" name="page-dropdown"> 
                 <option value="">
                <?php echo esc_attr( __( 'Select page' ) ); ?></option> 
                  $pages = get_pages(); 
                  foreach ( $pages as $page ) {
                    $option = '<option value="' . get_page_link( $page->ID ) . '">';
                    $option .= $page->post_title;
                    $option .= '</option>';
                    echo $option;

  • You indent and change the font-weight (bold) the output with CSS. There doesn't seem to be anything WordPress specific to this question. – s_ha_dum May 22 '13 at 14:27

Use wp_dropdown_pages():

print '<form action="' . home_url() . '">';
print '<input type=submit></form>';

You get a select field with proper indentation, and clicking on the button will send the user to that page.

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