2014 Moderator Election

On Stack Exchange, we believe the core moderators should come from the community, and be elected by the community itself through popular vote. We hold regular elections to determine who these community moderators will be.

Community moderators are accorded the highest level of privilege on our community, and should themselves be exemplars of positive behavior and leaders within the community.

Our general criteria for moderators is as follows:

  • patient and fair
  • leads by example
  • shows respect for their fellow community members in their actions and words
  • open to some light but firm moderation to keep the community on track and resolve (hopefully) uncommon disputes and exceptions

Every election has three phases:

  1. Nomination
  2. Primary
  3. Election

Please participate in the moderator elections by voting, and perhaps even by nominating yourself to be a community moderator!

This election ended Jan 28 '14 at 20:00.

The results of this election can be viewed online via OpaVote. Anyone may download the election data. Voters have access to pre-built OpenSTV software to audit the results; all others may use this source distribution.

1,287 voters were eligible, 554 visited the site during the election, 353 visited the election page, and 217 voted;

In my brief time with the WordPress StackExchange community, I have come to regard the site as my home on the 'net.

While I haven't accumulated any great sum of reputation in the year since I've joined, I have began striving to increase my involvement in the community. Every work day I am in The Loop, and while I have found that I don't always have the time to provide as thorough an answer to questions as I would like, there is always time for the meta-tasks that drive our community. In fact, I enjoy them more than providing answers themselves.

I am very interested in the quality of our community, and seek to eliminate ambiguity and facilitate precise communication as a personality trait. As a moderator, I would approach the position with the respect owed to a career move, and indeed seek to invest an amount of time into the betterment of our community appropriate for a second job.

I have recently begun working on a Google Chrome extension to make the editorial process more efficient.

With or without this position I will strive to maintain and improve upon the quality of my new home!

  • I'm deducting 50 house points from myself for shortening my links (don't worry - the Google Chrome extension will take care of expanding those ;) ) – bosco Jan 20 '14 at 19:10
  • Good to see someone outside of the "elite" - they have the privileges anyway - take part in this. I very much like the attitude you're bringing to the table - best of luck to you! – Nicolai Jan 20 '14 at 19:54

I've been around for a while now and surprisingly earned quite a bit of reputation. Maybe it shouldn't surprised me, but somehow I wasn't expecting it.
Not at least because I'm not a programmer, but on the other hand, all it needs is logical thinking and the willingness to read and learn. I certainly can do that and got reasonably good in the process.
At least good enough to answer questions, which is a way for me to learn and have fun. Besides that I'm trying to do my fair share of reviewing and participating at meta.

I feel like I'm balanced, fair and patient, which are important attributes for a moderator. As for other signs of moderation skills, at one point I had silently taken over - a exaggeration of course - the tag not longer to be spoken off, not because I really wanted to, but because nobody else was willing to - the reason was, to help those users, regardless of the discussion.

This nomination comes with a big caveat, because I'm most likely going to be traveling the second half of the year I can't promise to be as active as needed all year long. If I ever had a shot, there is good competition. But come on, we should have some primaries here on WPSE!

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    Good to see your candidacy =] – Tom J Nowell Jan 20 '14 at 17:07
  • @TomJNowell Thanks, although it might just be cosmetic, but after looking at the numbers/stats and discussing it in the chat I thought, it is a must! – Nicolai Jan 20 '14 at 17:17

I'm a PHP developer and since 10 years, and I have an excellent knowledge of WordPress.

I'm part of this community from a relatively short period, just 6 months, however since first day I did my best to help community with my answers, comments and editing, becoming one of the 20 top rep users of the site.

I signed up 185 days ago, and for 184 I visited the site. I answered 452 questions, with an average of 2.44 answers per day and my average rep per day is 55, and both, if I'm not wrong, are the 2nd highest values among all users on this site.

I also have an active partecipation on review tasks: I have 6 bronze and 1 silver review badges, gained with a daily participation: looking at review stats I'm 27th in all time top editors list.

Stats listed above are not for self-congratulation: just to demonstrate the high level of activity, and the large amount of time I spent on this site.

I always try in answers, comments and chat to be as clear, exhaustive and patient as possible, and if you vote for me I'll put this attitude, all my efforts and necessary time to moderation tasks.

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    Glad to see your nomination, G. M. - I'm quite impressed with what you have achieved in half a year! – bosco Jan 20 '14 at 5:25
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    Very happy to see your nomination. – anu Jan 20 '14 at 9:13

I have been here a year and three months now, according to the stats on my profile. 443 days have been consecutive, so I seem to be hooked.

In my relatively short time here, I've answered almost 1700 questions for just over 29000 reputation, which ought to demonstrate participation as well as sufficient technical knowledge. And I've earned a number of relevant badges including "Deputy", two gold "Stewart" badges, and the "Sportsmanship" badge, which ought to speak to "fairness". I vote quite a bit and watch the "Review" page constantly as well as the "Meta" site.

I am opinionated and not afraid to speak up (well, type up) where necessary but try hard not to be harsh.

I am not really a sales-person though, so this rather dry self-nomination is about as good as it gets :)

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    In one sentence: You got my vote. At least if I'm even allowed to vote :) – kaiser Jan 17 '14 at 4:30
  • 13
    Let me help out: No one spends more time per post in our review queue. Your comments are always helpful and factual, even when the replies are the opposite. That’s exactly the mindset we need. – fuxia Jan 17 '14 at 4:59
  • 2
    I agree, and I think you'd make a very good moderator – anu Jan 17 '14 at 11:46
  • 2
    Thank you all. @toscho, you can handle my PR for this campaign :) – s_ha_dum Jan 18 '14 at 15:39
  • In my short time here, you are the only candidate whose name I have seen helping others. I was reluctant to vote before, but now, I believe voting for you is well placed. – Twifty Jan 18 '14 at 16:18
  • I've to agree with the previous speakers, you will do an awesome job! Like you've done so far anyways. Interestingly enough - by chance of course, but surely not totally random - you've been the one to handle, moderate my first interaction on this site. Fittingly together with kaiser, whom I also support. I guess I'm in a pretty pickle now and have a decision to make regarding my vote. Aside from that: go, s_ha_dum, go! – Nicolai Jan 18 '14 at 19:50
  • @ialocin : There are three positions open (top right of this page). If I remember correctly from elections on another stack, you can vote for multiple candidates. Also, thanks. – s_ha_dum Jan 19 '14 at 14:31
  • @ialocin s_ha_dum is correct - in the primary you may upvote or downvote every candidate. During the election phase you will have one vote distributed with priority among three candidates (essentially you will rank your three favorite candidates). In this manner, you are never restricted to placing a single vote on a single candidate ;) – bosco Jan 19 '14 at 20:56
  • @boscho, s_ha_dum: good to know, so I only have to figure out, how to weight my vote; BTW I'm kind of astonished that you haven't missed a day since you first logged in – Nicolai Jan 20 '14 at 13:43

I'm a full time PHP developer, and former game developer who has worked on high profile sites e.g mickjagger.com, telecoms.com, amongst others. I have the 15th highest reputation on this site, with 3 years of activity on the site and in the chatrooms.

As the first British moderator here I would have the justification to greatly expand my role in the smooth running of this site. As a Code For The People employee, my nomination has their backing and support, as well as connections to the VIP program and European WordCamp Organisers.

Here I am at the WC Leiden Stack Exchange dinner, (credits to Rarst for the photo)

As an active user, known to the existing moderators, and knowledgeable of WordPress, I would be a good moderator.

If you agree, vote for me.

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    I will support a UK moderator if you drink Yorkshire tea. You must. (I am not joking) – Christine Cooper Jan 15 '14 at 17:59
  • 2
    Representing the community goes without saying, so why mention it, and yes, I drink Yorkshire Tea when I've ran out of Earl Grey it's vastly superior to Tetley and PG Tipps which were always underwhelming for such a basic commodity – Tom J Nowell Jan 16 '14 at 0:09
  • 2
    A little earlier - welcome in your new job. – bueltge Jan 16 '14 at 16:30
  • 4
    I just want to note that I'm absolutely sure that Tom is more than capable to be moderator. I know him (personally) as a decent and thoughtful person and think that he'd be a perfect fit. – kaiser Jan 18 '14 at 15:39
  • 2
    He's also got that "Zen of the Moderator" thing going on in that photo ;) – bosco Jan 19 '14 at 21:05

After more than three years on this site I think it's time to ask you, the community, if you want me as part of the moderator team. As I already got 20k+ rep and maxed capabilities, I said that I don't throw my hat in the ring and make way for lower rep users to have a larger group of people moderating the site. When I look at how often I knock at our mods doors (see flag amount), I think that I now got a good feeling for how to handle most situations and take that work off of their shoulders.

Why vote for me? I participate on Meta, care about every detail of this site, care about how to vote and vote a lot (5,816 votes where 4,282 are upvotes) to give feedback and help search engines to make our most valuable content visible. I've written more than 1,2k answers with an outcome of more than 100 plugins and care about cleaning up and writing detailed answers. Still my start page is the review queue.

Oh, and I love cats. :)

  • 10
    I support your decision and believe you will add value to the site as moderator – GhostToast Jan 15 '14 at 15:04
  • 11
    You had me at "After..." – Adam Jan 15 '14 at 15:10
  • 3
    You had me at "cats." – bosco Jan 15 '14 at 17:26
  • 4
    But I'm deducting 50 house points for shortening all of your links. :P – bosco Jan 15 '14 at 17:34
  • Thanks for all the kind words :) @boscho Sadly the long links wouldn't have fit into the post: character limit. – kaiser Jan 15 '14 at 18:25
  • 1
    upvote from me..!!! Cheers Kaiser..!! – Kumar Jan 15 '14 at 18:38
  • 1
    You have my support – gmazzap Jan 16 '14 at 12:41
  • 9
    Only thing to say: What? You aren't a moderator!? Yet, I guess, definitely feels like you have been, which, in my mind, translate to should be - in short: kaiser for presi...moderator! – Nicolai Jan 16 '14 at 16:25
  • 2
    I'm not very sure, a Austrian with leading tasks ;) OK, ok - you had me. – bueltge Jan 16 '14 at 16:28
  • 2
    @bueltge I promise to stay where I am ... for now ;) – kaiser Jan 16 '14 at 16:47
  • 4
    @bueltge, I was thinking the same 2 days ago. Didn't dare say it, thought it way too non-pc. Thanks for having the balls... ;) – Johannes Pille Jan 16 '14 at 17:36
  • 1
    You have my vote (if I can vote :)) – s_ha_dum Jan 17 '14 at 14:40
  • You will have my vote if you will allow me to imprison you in a cell where you will be surrounded with cylons (Battlestar Galactica) who chants instructions on HOW to echo an array for 24 hours on repeats. Then... ONLY then... I will approve. :D – Christine Cooper Jan 17 '14 at 17:51

When it comes to community, every thing should be helpful.

When I say helpful, I really mean it!

More experienced users made responsibilities for themselves anywhere and more specifically here on stack exchange community to aid newbies and all the askers who has a little or disastrous issue around the wordpress.

So each moderator, who is more than a user, needs a kindly, affectionate and friendly characteristic, not unlike the ones with feeling of self-respect and personal worth.

On the other hand of words of being a lovely moderator, I'm more than 2 years on advanced coding with wordpress - core modifying, plugin developing and theme coding.

Our friendship backs to v2.0, he changed every day when eyes were on repository modifications. I didn't let him alone and recommended it to more than million guys out there!

Always, there should be Hands of Helps.

  • 13
    You seem to be telling us that you're experienced with WordPress, but we also need to know why you should be a moderator here. – Undo Jan 14 '14 at 19:18
  • 2
    More than [a] million, eh? You're a busy one. – Pat J Jan 14 '14 at 19:42
  • @PatJ More than a million billion! – revo Jan 14 '14 at 20:26
  • 1
    @Undo This community is not a city and doesn't need a mayor, but a guy with more than basic knowledge of wordpress and moderating on community whom has an eye on every topic and issue, then not me but every one else and goals are specified already. – revo Jan 14 '14 at 20:29
  • 4
    @revo a million billion but... that's 9.9999286e+14 more people than are on this planet!! – GhostToast Jan 15 '14 at 2:44
  • 14
    Member for 11 months, with an accumulated total of 27 questions + answers. What indication do we have that, if elected, you would be active enough at WPSE to contribute as a moderator? – Chip Bennett Jan 15 '14 at 13:29
  • 3
    I respect all your comments. You may respect back, too. – revo Jan 15 '14 at 16:52
  • 4
    I don't think you're getting disrespected here. You've mine for nominating yourself, getting the process started and showing the willingness to get involved deeper. But of course elections are a competition, some would say a rat race, so comparisons are happening and somewhat critical questions will be asked. On the one hand, do we really want it any other way? It's a democratic attribute. And, on the other hand, people just want to know, because it's not about you or them, it's about the community. Apart from that, stay involved and have fun! – Nicolai Jan 18 '14 at 20:07

This election is complete.