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Top new questions this week:

Lock post meta block at the bottom of a custom post type

I'm using the template feature of Gutenberg to add a post meta block (with a couple of input fields) at the bottom of a custom post type: $args = array( 'show_ui' => true, 'show_in_rest' ...

custom-post-types templates block-editor  
asked by leemon 2 votes

How to use wordpress with any "site url" (the url in settings) for development?

For development I want to be able to use my wordpress site with localhost, and with a variety of IPs, maybe even with some throwaways domain names. Now wordpress doesn't allow, you have to choose 1 ...

asked by johnw123 1 vote
answered by KFish 0 votes

Preview plugin store details

How can I preview how a new WordPress plugin, which I have not yet submitted for review, will look in the plugins store, e.g. the tile with meta information, logo, compatibility information etc.? ...

asked by Ingo Steinke 1 vote

Programatically download a plugin

I'd like to programmatically download a plugin from the WordPress official repo, using a link/id/whatever identifier token. How could this be achieved?

plugins php plugin-development get-plugin-data  
asked by FooBar 1 vote
answered by Rahat Hameed 1 vote

Is Wrapping intval() Around esc_attr() Redundant for Escaping Input?

My gut tells me wrapping esc_attr() in intval() is redundant when it comes to escaping input, but I would like to double-check. Also: considering that <option value="">- select no. ...

plugins php plugin-development post-meta escaping  
asked by gardinermichael 1 vote
answered by Hector 2 votes

Why is wp-cron only executing on page visit?

As I have understood wp-cron runs after a HTTP-Request to the given domain. Can someone explain to me why this is the case? I don't quite understand why the execution of (scheduled) wp-cron events are ...

plugins wp-cron cron events  
asked by CorinLUSI 1 vote
answered by Jacob Peattie 3 votes

Custom Logo URL | Help me print the URL of the custom logo I inserted into my theme

I am trying to use the separate components of the_custom_logo() function to create my own display for the logo. Please can someone inform me as to how I can access the url and the image reference ...

php functions theme-development logo  
asked by Jason Is My Name 1 vote
answered by Tim Elsass 2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

SSL Breaks Wordpress CSS

We purchased an SSL certificat from network solutions (would never recommend them to my worst enemy, btw). Apparently it's activated... did a few checks that says it's activated for our domain. But ...

css ssl https  
asked by user1727053 15 votes
answered by Muhammad Ahmar Khan 34 votes

Get rid of Another update is currently in progress

I was trying to update my wordpress core to 4.5.1 but my system was missing some permissions, and now after giving correct permission, I cannot get rid of that message and I cannot upgrade. Tried to ...

asked by Sam Provides 86 votes
answered by Alexander Ushakov 112 votes

Activate a plugin through PHPMyAdmin or FTP?

I've just disabled a plugin on my site and it's now giving me the dreaded white screen of death. I know the site will be fine if I reactivate the plugin. Is there a way to manually activate a plugin ...

plugins activation fatal-error  
asked by Django Reinhardt 18 votes
answered by Django Reinhardt 32 votes

List all posts in custom post type by taxonomy

Is there a way I can list all posts in a specific custom post type and arrange them by the custom taxonomy term attached to them? For example; Taxonmy Term #1 Post Type Post Type Post Type Taxonomy ...

custom-post-types custom-taxonomy  
asked by Dean Elliott 25 votes
answered by GhostToast 52 votes

Product categories don't appear as option to build menu

I am trying to add my product categories as top level categories in the navigation bar on my site. Under the "categories" option in appearance > menus, the only thing that appears under categories ...

asked by SagaciousCetacean 12 votes
answered by akasapriya 22 votes

How do I get the theme URL in PHP?

I need to get the URL of my theme directory to reference an image in the theme's image/headers directory. How is this done in PHP?

asked by Michael Crenshaw 38 votes
answered by EAMann 48 votes

When to use WP_query(), query_posts() and pre_get_posts

I read @nacin's You don't know Query yesterday and was sent down a bit of a querying rabbit hole. Before yesterday, I was (wrongly) using query_posts() for all my querying needs. Now I'm a little bit ...

wp-query query-posts get-posts pre-get-posts  
asked by saltcod 162 votes
answered by Stephen Harris 150 votes

Can you answer these questions?

Bypass "supress_filters" in WP Query

Apparently, for some illogical reason, the developers decided that the only way to fetch posts in all languages, is to add supress_filters=true to the WP_Query (instead of having like say, a ...

wp-query filters query-posts plugin-wpml  
asked by FooBar 1 vote
answered by Howdy_McGee 0 votes

WP CLI: there has been critical error

I am using Wordpress 5.3 minimal installation and currently have not installed any other plugins. I have installed WP CLI and below is the output of wp-info: OS: Linux 5.0.0-1025-gcp ...

asked by Ravi Maniyar 1 vote

"data-vocabulary.org" is showing warning in Search Console for Breadcrumbs

Just now the data-vocabulary.org is deprecated, so what is the solution to solve this. Should I replace the data-vocabulary.org with schema.org This is the code added in my WordPress: <div ...

navigation breadcrumb  
asked by Rahul 1 vote
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