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Studying portrait photography and lighting techniques; striving to develop my photography as a creative outlet.

comment How can I integrate pages written in something other than PHP?
For what it's worth, I just went ahead and learned enough PHP to accomplish the particular task directly. But I appreciate the knowledge about different options because other projects may have other needs.
comment Problems with DBDelta with FOREIGN key?
Just like dbDelta wants 2 spaces after PRIMARY KEY, I think it wants 2 spaces after FOREIGN KEY (your CREATE TABLE shows with just 1 space, fwtw). But for me even after doing that and it creates the table fine, it seems like dbDelta is incorrectly detecting that the table has changed when the script is run again and issuing an ALTER TABLE which fails this way.
comment How to: Easily Move a WordPress Install from Development to Production?
When would it not be possible to set these? This sounds slightly simpler than changing things in the database.