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comment PHP Fatal error: Cannot call overloaded function for non-object in wp-includes/capabilities.php
I'm having the same problem in class-wp.php line 529, which also happens to call wp_get_current_user. I think I narrowed the problem down to the WooCommerce plugin. The error happens at random, but I haven't seen it since I disabled that plugin. Does anyone has a better idea about what causes this error?
comment Rewrite Rules problem when rule includes homepage slug
Thank you @StephenHarris, that's a great explanation for the the problem I have and your suggestions pointed me right to the solution.
comment Rewrite Rules problem when rule includes homepage slug
@Stephen Harris, I get same results. I think saving permalinks again has the same effect that calling flush_rewrite_rules or $wp_rewrite->flush_rules, does it?. Also you can see in the results page that the rule is being properly added to $wp_rewrite->rules array. Thks.
comment How to add a Custom Link to a Menu with an URL that is relative to the blog URL
@Peter, @Rob thank you guys for answering, I was afraid that search-and-replace was the only solution but wanted to ask first. I'll take a look at that script.