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Originally hailing from the Boston area, I lived, traveled and worked around the US before a job in the semiconductor industry sent me overseas. I returned to the US to work in the cellular communications industry, but the travel bug had bitten me and three years later I was soon on the road again.

These days I live in the north of Argentina with my girlfriend and whatever stray dog or cat we have taken in. I work as a freelancer, primarily in Wordpress but am always up to learn new technologies.

I don't feel the need to argue with other programmers over the correct way to do something, nor do I like to vote people down because their question wasn't exactly within the guidelines for posting. So I don't participate as much as I would like to in Stack Exchange.

I am available for hire but these days I am looking for something a bit more permanent than freelance offers me. So if you have a decent amount of work, please write me at nawrockp gmail - you know the rest...

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