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I am currently a systems administrator at a very small company. I am working on moving up to a larger enterprise type environment. I am currently in college (again), and I am working on getting my MCITP: Enterprise Administrator, CCNA, and VCP.

comment Wordpress site is sloooow, but admin is fast…any ideas?
I did what you suggested, and it seems to be resolved once I switch themes to twenty ten. I also recovered my Linode to 3 days ago and it seems to have the same problem. Now i'm thoroughly confused because it ran like a top 3 days ago...
comment Fastest Server Config, Whats your suggestion?
Thanks Chris!, There are a lot of WP optimizations there... good stuff!!
comment Random category URLs not working
I think I flushed my rewrite rules.... I originally went from the custom permalinks to standard then back to custom, but it was still broke. I then added a / to the end of the permalink, then removed it again and all is well. Was that flushing it? I couldn't find an easy way on google. Anyhow it seems to work now, Thanks!!
comment Troubles with making a custom template for posts
Wow fantastic... that was fast :D It's amazing how much information is in the Codex, and yet I consistently fail at finding it :)
comment Having trouble understanding custom post type and taxonomy :/
I wish I could vote up your answer, I will check back when I have 15 points :) Thanks again!
comment Having trouble understanding custom post type and taxonomy :/
Thanks i'll have to look further into this. I'm setting up a test server this weekend, hopefully I can get something working. Also, using the above example, would this query include Porsche and mustang spoilers? I am hoping it would only search the post type (Civic, Accord,etc...). I am still testing, it seems all of the tutorials focus on products.