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I'm a Web Developer, Blogger & Social Media Student. I'm the Head Project Manager for the (Registered Non-Profit) Developers Project Collaboration Organization I deal in & collect certain Domain Names, Operate in the Dev Collab Collective Think Tank for new Project Ideas, and work with PhotoShop as a GFX Designer & Mock-Up Designer - my goal is to learn PSD Web Designing with Web Design Coding (HTML/CSS/JS/jQuery).

I'm co-founder of a fast growing Dev Collaboration Collective, founded by a few friends from thee Invite Only Forrst.me & Twitter who can work with like-minded people, with different skill sets to combine skills in Successful Web Services, Web Apps, and soon to expand into WP Themes/Customization & Mobile Apps once we have the contributors/new Members' with skills. We are only a very young organization, but one of the only ones of it's kind - with a very stern foundation and we give back (CC) Code from each major Project to GitHub also. We are 100% Community Driven. We are always looking for Contributors, Students, Intern(s), Full Members, Part-timers, Full-timers, Sponsors & Weekend Contributors/Helpers. @Code_Collective (Follow & Contact Us).

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