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I'm a software engineer. Have been into website development since I was fourteen years old. I developed many websites through my years of schooling, ended up dropping out and starting my own company.

Now I'm a successful software developer and project manager of the development team at 5Twenty Studios. I pride myself in my ability to learn. I don't get paid to develop websites, instead I get paid to learn what nobody else knows, then implement it.

comment current_user_can on WordPress 3.1.1
Actually the 'plugins_loaded' action is fired almost immediately after the pluggable.php file is loaded, this would be the optimal action to hook.
comment Plugin Development: WPMU or WP?
I'm sorry that, that statement makes no sense to you. Being that I develop hundreds of plugins a year, I tend to think I know what I'm talking about. You can easily develop a plugin that will crash a WPMU install and work just fine on a WP install. Yes these two systems are now merged, but the function completely different. You don't just have to lack WPMU specific functionality. italic Any (properly coded) plugin should work in multisite just fine italic Even you say it SHOULD WORK because you have no idea.