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Been using WordPress since 2.0.1 I believe. Back then I didn't know anything and it was a Godaddy 1 click install. I had all sorts of drupal, joomla, SMF, zencart things going on. Over the years I have, one by one, converted all my sites to WordPress. I have just one hand coded site that is non WP left. Kind of nostalgic. But soon, it will be converted. WP just makes sense to me. I can follow the code, I understand what it is doing, and I know how to make it do my bidding!

That's the background. Really, I just love WordPress. I have fun working with it. I love to volunteer on the forum. I only recently discovered this stackexchange WordPress place. I spend any free time I have helping out. That is how I learn. A lot of people ask questions I have no idea how to answer, and yet I help them through it. Yes, my Google-fu is strong!

When I'm not trying to help people on the forums, or here, I am on my own site http://voodoopress.com. It is my attempt to help WordPressers, especially with child themeing the amazing Twenty Ten theme. I hope ya'll will find the time to visit me there. It's currently a one man show, but I'd love some company!

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