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Liam Bailey is director of Webby Scots.

comment Insert into post or
I wish I could have used a featured image, but no, I mean in the actual modal window where you add the image, set its size, where it links to, alt tag etc, and then you have the insert into post link, which fires the window.sendToEditor() function we all love. I was wanting to add another link beside insert into post, saying Use as title graphic
comment Page content sent from XML RPC is corrupted
We need to see your code that you are using to send the request etc. Bear in mind the XML part, which means you have to escape the < etc, that could be problem, but need to see code.
comment Getting the_excerpt to link to child pages
An excerpt is usually something that will be displayed for posts, not pages, except in heavily customised themes. Can you give more of a context of what you are trying to do, maybe just give us an example of your attempted use of the function to do your intended job
comment Disable media upload in rich text editor
No problems. Glad it helped. Actually, it took me about 3 days to find the perfect way to prepare the editor, as there is a lot of conflicting advice. But that setup there is perfect from 3.0 onwards.
comment Plugin Redirect After Activation
Oh, I was only kidding Wayne, but I didn't think you needed 15 points to mark an answer to your own question as correct using the tick under the score.
comment Plugin Redirect After Activation
An upvote and a mark as correct will do fine
comment Resizing images failing
Tried it, didn't work because problem was images had no wp_metadata, as is flagged on the plugin page, so I coded my own class to take all the images from the wp_posts db, search and find them on the filesystem to get their full path, then used wp_insert_attachment, wp_generate_metadata, and wp_update_metadata to achieve the goal.
comment Permalink Problems
Which is why I comment out that part after I add any new rules.
comment Check if SEO plugin installed
Aha, good idea. And I can add an option to disable my theme's SEO functionality.