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I'm software developer and comms & tech professional (and proud to be) from Azerbaijan. Looking for a full-time job in a Middle East country, UAE preferable. Willing to relocate. I have excellent knowledge in LA/NMP stack.

You are welcome to contact me via mail@tural.us.

Language knowledge

  • Azerbaijani
  • Turkish
  • Russian
  • English

Social life

Me on

Facebook Linkedin SO Careers Twitter Youtube Google+

About my programming skills

Programming languages that I mainly use are:

Java; C; C++; C#; PHP; HTML; CSS; JavaScript; Action Script (Flash);

BTW: C++ and PHP are my faves

Databases that I mainly use are:

MySQL, MS SQL, Oracle, NoSQL

Applications that I'm working on are:

Desktop, web, cloud based apps

My Hobbies

iDevices (iPhone, iPod, iPad):

Jailbreak & Unlock

Video & Graphics:

Luv making and watching movies. Generally use Adobe After Effects for making movies and etc video stuff


Fond of playing & listening compositions in piano and violin

Here is playlist of my piano plays.


Oh, you know, that's one of my passions


Here is my best questions and answers list for now on Stack Overflow.

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