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Roman Storozhenko

About me

During my professional career (10+ years) I worked in many professional domains, even so specific as low-level programming. Before Desktop Age was over I had an opportunity to participate in enterprise system development and some small desktop projects. Then I moved to web development domain and since that time I made numerous web projects and learned a number of technologies (see Technical Skils section below). I acquired great and extensive experience, and I'm happy to apply my experience in any new project.

Technical Skills

Platforms: nix*, Windows

Languages: Python, C/C++, C#, Pascal, JavaScript, PHP, HTML, XML, XPath, JSON, YAML, CSS, assembly language (for x86 and pic-controllers architecture), bash-scripts

Libraries: JQuery, Prototype, HighCharts

Frameworks: Django, Django REST, Twitter Bootstrap, .NET, Kohana, NodeJS

CMS/CMF: Magento, ModX evolution, wordpress, drupal, djem, tinyMCE

Databases: MySql, MsSql

HTTP-Servers: nginx, apache, iis

VCS: git, mercurial, svn

CI: jenkins

Editros/IDEs: vim, emacs, JetBrains PHP Storm, Netbeans, Microsoft Visual Studio

VM's/hypervisors: VirtualBox, VmWare Workstation, xen, docker

Tools: tmux, selenium, redmine, firebug, fig, ansible

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