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reviewed Close How to make Slider Full-Width (Metaslider) Terrifico Theme
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comment How to best adjust images to a max content width of 490px?
with your reputation you are supposed to know that plugin reccomendations is off-topic :(
comment Transfer WordPress post to RoR site: is the REST Api the only and/or best solution?
@kaiser, I don't get the Export !== import. You need somehow to export the data whether it is by sql dump, rest api or the built-in exporter. Then you can do import but never before that. As for the comment about quality, If I got it right the question is about the route ;)
answered Transfer WordPress post to RoR site: is the REST Api the only and/or best solution?
comment Brute Force Attacks with empty Password
wordpress do not have any vulnerabilities relating to brute force attacks. Set a good password and don't look at the logs. There is not much more that needs to be done. Wordpress has a problem with user enumeration which might lead to performance problem related to brute force attack but hmmm that is a performance problem nothing more.-…. To get a list of plugins on a site the attacker just need to ping the associated directories in which he expects to find them
comment Brute Force Attacks with empty Password
I assume that sometimes even evil people have bugs in their code ;) But the question realy belongs to the security stack
comment how to pull data from array
this is not a debugging help forum so please try not to ask questions which require mainly code reviwe. That said, your function do not return a value and there is no meaning to passing 'single' to get_post_meta.
reviewed No Action Needed Placing a custom post type menu above the Posts menu using menu_position?
reviewed Close 404 Errors On WP Site
reviewed Close Facebook will not display image or description when sharing
reviewed Close Style wordpress categories pages without template
reviewed Close Tags, categories custom post types
reviewed Close Counting the while result
comment Restyle the wordpress reset password page
This is not a true question. Please edit it so it will be something that can potentially get an answer and not just serve as a starting point for a discussion.
answered Settings API - Separating PHP and HTML
comment Brute Force Attacks with empty Password
that is not realy a question. usually attackers forget to tell the good people of the WPSE their plans and explain their methods ;)
comment Are WordPress widgets cached?
shortcode just should not have this kind of side effect :(. calling update_option while evaluating a shortcode can bring sites down.
comment Are WordPress widgets cached?
anything can happen. widget can or can not be cached depending on the code of the wisget itself. If it is your widget then please show the code as it is hard to guess.
comment 404 Errors On WP Site
sorry, but how is this specific to wordpress?