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comment WordPress Development Using WordPress BoilerPlate - Using Admin Form Submission
Thank you for your comments! Really appreciate your time. First, it's simply a boilerplate or 'way of coding' plugins; so there's no question of it getting outdated. Also, I don't think this is an off-topic question at all. Well, my contact form would use a short-code; but right now, my concern is all about simply accepting input from admin page and then saving it to the database. I only want to know how do I go about writing the action = " " part of my form to execute a method inside a class defined in other file.
comment URLs getting appended with strange number string, resulting into 404s
Yes, it seems to be an issue with Disqus and they've released a fix too. But Google still has an index of the URLs it found 404'ed. With a massive number of errors being reported, I'm concerned about the tanked traffic on the site.
comment Setup proper 301 redirect for deleted tags
Doesn't seem to work. I added it to the functions.php under the active theme folder and even tried it with the 'custom_functions.php' that accepts custom functions. Something's wrong.
comment Setup proper 301 redirect for deleted tags
Where should I add that code? In the functions.php under currently active wordpress theme?