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About me

I'm a teen software developer who relishes hacking PHP on the Web, C# on his PC and Objective-C on his Mac. I adore math, Jesus, Apple and π, but not apple pie!

I've been a WordPress user since December 2005 when I first discovered WordPress.com. I no longer blog @ WordPress.com as of January 2012, however, and today all my WordPress sites are self-hosted, complete with their own custom themes and in-house plugins written by myself.

Besides the themes and plugins I've made for my own sites, I've contributed at least one patch to WordPress core, and reported at least one issue in WordPress for iOS. I also released a theme called Thistle between 2007 and 2008, but no longer maintain it, as I've been far less active as a WordPress developer than as a WordPress user.

Check out my site. Read my tech blog. Follow me on Twitter (if you dare).

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