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comment Adding admin-ajax.php to the frontend. Good or bad idea?
Re: "Third: ... Nothing to worry about.", what about when trying to lock-down the wp-admin directory eg using .htaccess rules to limit to known-safe IP ranges? I presume some kind of exception would need to be made for the ajax-admin.php file? (I say "presume" because I'm a numpty when it comes to .htaccess rules, and don't really know if this is possible?).
comment Pagination with custom SQL query
+1 nice work. I came across this (and borrowed heavily, thanks) while researching my answer to…. I was wondering if you know of a way to use a custom SQL statement like this, but in a pre_get_posts() action as per…? I find this solution is susceptible to the 404 on last page issue, as per…. How did you overcome this?
comment How to automatically add paragraph tags in the Visual Editor
@gravyface I get this same issue while using a (very basic) custom theme, but if I switch back to eg the twenty-twelve theme, paragraphs are rendered correctly. It's like something in my theme has done a remove_filter('the_content', 'wpautop')... but it isn't there. I even explicitly added an add_filter(...) to no avail. Did you find a solution?