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I’m essentially a software developer by profession, an entrepreneur by ambition, and a computer scientist by osmosis.

I am a web application developer. I basically work on PHP, MySQL and Ajax based web applications. I am passionate and addicted about the web. I also have interest in photography too.

I run a small web development company named Indibits. Our primary service is to provide open source web solutions for businesses.

comment What are the hierarchy of filenames while initialising a WordPress plugin?
So, it reads content of all files in the folder of the plugin and decides which file to load.
comment How to reset/remove added filters 'posts_join' and 'posts_orderby' after the loop is completed?
I am using default priority. For example, add_filter('posts_join', 'my_filter_join');.
comment WordPress: Getting “Newer Posts” and “Older Posts” links on a Specialized Page Template
It's working with this way. Thank you.
comment wp_mail: An array as $to - multiple emails or single email with all the email ids in it?
Thank you for posting the code. It looks like it will send one email with all the email IDs as 'to'.
comment Getting posts from some categories plus some individual posts
Good solution. Thank you. But I decided to have two separate loops, one for posts from category and another for selected posts.