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comment How can I avoid re-inventing the Custom Fields wheel in my Plugin's Metabox?
Thanks for the input, but it's not quite what I'm looking for. I'm familiar with how to do that bit (as shown in my second bullet point), but the main thing I'm after here is how to basically duplicate the Custom Fields Metabox -AND- add a 3rd Field (Target) -AND-, after duplicating the Custom Fields Metabox, stuffing all my values into an array. I think that if I can figure out how to handle the first bullet point, I'll be able to pretty easily determine how to organize my array. Thanks again for taking the time to contribute!
comment Do you have any effective strategies for launching a v2 of a WP site?
That's an alternative approach, to just prevent any new data from being added to the old site's db during the transition. The approach I mention above, though, leaves the old site active during the transition, then manually merges any extra db entries that appeared during the transition (new posts, comments, etc.) into the new site. edit: just wanted to mention that acterry's suggestion about TTL Records is fantastic advice.