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comment If i have custom post type with 5 custom fields do i have to create a new loop to reference each one?
Assuming your post type is neighborhood, your theme's single-neighborhood.php file will load whenever a neighborhood entry is viewed. For example, assuming your post type rewrite is neighborhoods, if you create a new neighborhood entry called "Sanborn", with a URL of then single-neighborhood.php is loaded from your theme to determine what that page looks like. Each page has a unique ID, and the_post() loads in the data for the the ID of the current post/page/post type.
comment WP_Query Performance Issues with meta_query
Thanks Anu, I've found that the OR relation operator was the culprit. The query went from 35.76 seconds to 2.18 just by switching that to AND.
comment Setting posts per page in query_posts
By adding onto the existing query vars we aren't rewriting anything. This is like saying: "Give me your settings, I'm going to change one value, then reset them." before running the query.
comment How to know what functions are hooked to an action/filter?
Great little function toscho, thanks for sharing this. I'm using it to evaluate all of the action hooks loaded for a theme at the shutdown action.
comment Why is WordPress WYSIWYMG and how do I make it WYSIWYG?
Also, be cautious when removing these filters. They can cause some issues with output but also do wonders for formatting content. For more info refer to this article in the codex:
comment Why is WordPress WYSIWYMG and how do I make it WYSIWYG?
If you mean the functions.php file you can do it 2 ways: FTP into your WordPress site and browse to "wp-content/themes/{theme-name}/functions.php". Open and edit that file. Another way is using the Theme editor in WordPress, which is at From there opne the "Theme Functions" file and add the code there.