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comment Selectively applying action based on role
I wound up abandoning it—ran out of time on the project, had to make do without.
comment Set user role based on invitation code
Thanks, that gives me some ideas. I think in combination with this tutorial (…), I can make it work.
comment How can I input a single right-to-left paragraph (Hebrew) into an English page/post?
To be semantically correct, I'd recommend using the attribute/value pair 'lang="he"' to the P tag. In fact, you could omit the class attribute entirely and use the lang attribute for any CSS matching. So if you wanted to style the Hebrew text specially, you'd add a rule with the selector p[lang="he"] to your CSS.
comment Best structure / rewrite rules to achieve the following url
Just ran across this:…
comment Best structure / rewrite rules to achieve the following url
I see what you mean. There might be a way to make use of WP's internal versioning system, but figuring that out is way above my pay scale.
comment sub posts to parent post
Hmmm. There are probably a few ways to approach this. If you know that you'll always be using exactly the same kinds of sub-posts (eg "specs/features/gallery"), you could fake it by creating a custom post type that has all of those fields merged into it, and only showing the correct sub-part in response to a specific URL structure. I'm a little out of my depth on that.
comment Selectively applying action based on role
The "user_has_role" function is one that I found elsewhere. I'm dealing with custom roles and post types, and haven't defined names for every capability I'd want to trap for. This is also not a capability per se: what I'm trying to do is set a post expiration date based on the user role.
comment Show only oldest post by author
Thanks—this is a little out of my depth, but I get the general idea. I do want to be able to administer these posts (expiring them, etc). Not sure if this approach would permit that. I also want to allow other kinds of posts by these users--would this method show the post-writing interface as part of the profile or a top-level sidebar item?