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I'm the #44 user on the site to get a gold badge in jQuery! :)

My profile on linkedin and on stackoverflow Careers and a link to my radio show to twitter and to my new blog

I started programming when i was 16 because i loved Computers. I started studying C++ all by myself and found my first jobs (mainly C++ and Access works).

I studied medicine (took 48 exams out of 52) but that wasn't my dream job. My first job as a full time programmer was for the Politecnico (the most important engeineering University in Italy), where i worked with software and industrial engeineers that taught me everything about the software lifecycle and agile methodologies like Scrum, so even if i didn't study computer science i've got a good background on software engeineering.

After two years and a half of full-time development with PHP/jQuery, i did Java/Oracle for six months to strengthen up my OOP skills. I'm back to PHP/jQuery right now.

I worked 14 years in the night life of Milan, managing clubs and bars while djing a lot, both for clubs and radio stations. I also did a lot of freelance LAMP developement during those times.

Right now, i'm a technology freak who really loves coding. I'm really passionate about what i do.

I used SCRUM in all of my projects and also did a little Project Management

I'd love to work on new tecnologies (node.js for example, or Android), but it's something that's very difficult to do here in italy

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