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I'm the #44 user on the site to get a gold badge in jQuery! :)

My profile on linkedin and on stackoverflow Careers and a link to my radio show to twitter and to my new blog

I started programming when i was 16 because i loved Computers. I started studying C++ all by myself and found my first jobs (mainly C++ and Access works).

I studied medicine (took 48 exams out of 52) but that wasn't my dream job. My first job as a full time programmer was for the Politecnico (the most important engeineering University in Italy), where i worked with software and industrial engeineers that taught me everything about the software lifecycle and agile methodologies like Scrum, so even if i didn't study computer science i've got a good background on software engeineering.

After two years and a half of full-time development with PHP/jQuery, i did Java/Oracle for six months to strengthen up my OOP skills. I'm back to PHP/jQuery right now.

I worked 14 years in the night life of Milan, managing clubs and bars while djing a lot, both for clubs and radio stations. I also did a lot of freelance LAMP developement during those times.

Right now, i'm a technology freak who really loves coding. I'm really passionate about what i do.

I used SCRUM in all of my projects and also did a little Project Management

I'd love to work on new tecnologies (node.js for example, or Android), but it's something that's very difficult to do here in italy

comment How to add defer=“defer” tag in plugin javascripts?
This is perfect also to use with data-main in requirejs
comment Has anyone used require.js for handling plugin scripts?
@goldenapples requirejs should handle multiple version of jQuery with a few lines of code leaving the orginal jQuery intact. After that there should be nothing to worry about as everything i loaded into anonymous function and i'm loading everything i need, and of course i would rely on wordpress api only to load the main.js file. But i was asking if anyone else did it because maybe this is a terrible idea
comment How do i specify a url to which to redirect the user after he logs out from facebook?
@Joseph i edited my answer
comment Is it possible to disable caching of an option when using w3 total cache?
This solved the problem (i tested on a fresh installation and if the option was autoloaded i had the error, no error with no autoloading). Now i just need to think a way to solve this for the next release of the plugin withouth erasing saved the options. Thanks for your help :)
comment Is it possible to disable caching of an option when using w3 total cache?
@fischi i can't try this now but you got me on the right track, i think that add_option('ai1ec_options', $ai1ec_options, '', 'no'); could do the trick, because the problem was in the wp_load_alloptions() function!You should add this as an answer
comment Is it possible to disable caching of an option when using w3 total cache?
@fischi it's the object cache when thatcache is set to "Disk", if i use opcode caching i have no problems
comment How do i validate data entered in a meta box so that only floats can be entered in a field?
Ok that's what i was looking for :)