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I am a freelance web developer.

I work in the following areas

   PHP (PHP power programming...great book that helped me a lot)

   ASP.NET (Scott Hanselman books are great to learn the technology. 
   I have not worked in ASP.net in last 1 and half years. Lots of things are changed since then.)

  Sql server (Mastering Sql Server 2005 from Sybex publication helped me a lot), MySql (learned it mostly from documentation and online tutorials) 

  Javascript (Javascript:the good parts is a great book that helped me to understand the beauty of the language),

  css( I got interested in css when I saw some beautiful logic in CSS rules. Book that insipired me a lot was "The Art and Science of CSS).

I worked with the following CMS

 * Mostly learned from their documentation and online resources.

PHP frameworks that I worked with

   Yii, Codeignitor
 * from documenation and online resources

Javascript libraries that I mostly work with

 * from documenation and online resources

Though I started my career in ASP.net but now I mostly work with open source technologies in php.

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