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Part programmer, part theologian, part actor, all geek :)

Consultant for Wintellect

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I love to program, and I love technology. Most recently I have become a self proclaimed TDD evangelist hoping to proselytize the programming community around me.

In the "real world" I am the proud father of four beautiful children, and a proud husband of a beautiful wife who light up my world.

comment Why do I get comment spam even with Akismet and Captcha?
@Jeff, yeah it sucks pretty bad. It seems there is no end to douchebaggery in the world and no matter how hard you try to defeat the nonsense, these guys always come up with a way around it. And just think if they put that much effort into being legit...
comment Why do I get comment spam even with Akismet and Captcha?
@Jeff, It is an indirect reference and I will be the first to admit that it doesn't apply in the context I framed it. However, I wasn't trying to bust your balls on this one. Clearly my memory took away something other than the original intent of the post from whence that quote came. A classic "Cool Hand Luke" moment. However, calling someone a liar flat out is pretty harsh. As for the captcha thing, I am not necessarily implying that someone has written a programmatic break for reCaptcha, only that a bot can still utilize a Human Network breaking service.