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I'm a beginning freelance web developer with a hunger for knowledge and code.

comment Widget “Save” resetting jQuery hidden fields
I was going crazy not being able to figure out why my jQuery events weren't going after I saved a widget. This answer seriously saved me so many hours of work. +1
comment Tips for targeting widget dragable for WP Pointer on widgets.php page
Wonderful! This works like a charm! Thanks!
comment Video shortcode inside tabs shorcode NOT working
Awesome! Glad it worked out for you :)
comment get_posts ignoring 'category' and displaying all posts
You said you have the same themes and plugins, but what about PHP version/ activated PHP modules (long shot there)? Did you import the dev database so that all ID's are the same in production?
comment Why won't Wordpress on localhost find updates?
That's a bummer. Have you ever tried XAMPP? I finally gave up on WAMP after all my issues. Perhaps switching to a different program will help you get your WP installation working. I know it doesn't solve the problem on WAMP, but it could help eliminate your frustrations.
comment Whats the best way to share user data across multiple Wordpress websites?
Thanks for your comments. I was able to find the answer by taking a deeper look into some things that I saw in your links. I've posted my solution below. Thanks again @brasofilo
comment Whats the best way to share user data across multiple Wordpress websites?
When I use CUSTOM_USER_TABLE users do get shared between website, however, on the second website, I cannot log in as an admin whatsoever. Searching around for hours and finding plugins and articles that are 2-7 years old lead me to believe that this trick no longer works in 3.5.1...
comment use query_posts to return a post OR a page by ID
Perfect. Fixed this exact problem I was having.