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Long-time owner and operator of a small, successful security consulting business. As of recently, though, by day I work for a really big company.

Nothing I write here represents the views of my employer, nor does it reflect any proprietary or confidential knowledge. In fact, practically all of it was written before I even started working there, so don't get too excited.

comment Verifying that I have fully removed a WordPress hack?
There is a very common exploit making the rounds where malware infects your workstation (or the workstation of a contractor), digs through your saved passwords in your favorite FTP (or FTP-enabled) program, and sends those to the attacker, who then compromises your site and uses it to spread the same malware to other webmasters. That is one common way in which your FTP password gets stolen. What's particularly insidious is that its spread through normal sites like yours, not the seedy ones where you're likely to be careful.
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