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The work bio redux...

Work is divided between digital strategy consulting and business development for online publishers. With a career started in engineering and development, Mike brings a knowledgeable, pragmatic approach to digital business. Outside of work Mike is WordPress core contributor and contributed plugin developer.

Mike also has a background in engineering and applied mathematics from Northwestern University and The University of Chicago, he's not afraid to get technical and craft detailed answers. Combining thorough analysis with industry knowledge, ranging from commercial construction to manufacturing, he has solved development challenges and built repeatable processes for reliable software. Leading and building teams for companies like Lexus, Google's Android/Nexus One, The Amgen Foundation, and LucasArts he's also helped future generations of programmers to work smart and build well.

When not staring at a screen and keyboard, which isn't often, Mike is a runner with over a dozen marathons, triathlons, & a recent ultra completed. When it's raining in Portland, he claims to only run to keep his malamute in shape and so his kids won't get too far ahead.

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revised Any plugin out there that uses WP's internal image uploader?
The tutorial explains how to use the uploader that was in WordPress 3.2 and earlier. In 3.3 & later it's no accurate
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