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This looks like a spam bot or an enumeration rather than a DDoS attack. To be sure, you should look into your resource consumption, the dynamic of IP addresses and maybe the payloads. 1. Blocking access to xmlrpc.php file.: I think you shouldn't: It cannot help you survive a real DDoS attack. As @cybmeta said, it might break many third party services. ...


As you have described, you has been victim of a DDoS attack (or maybe not, I just assume you know it). Those types of attack can be against any part of a dynamic website, for example the index.php or xml-rpc.php files. From my point of view, the right solution is not to block the attacked part but to block the attacker. So, do not block the XML-RPC API in ...


When you add content to the post_content, Wordpress wraps its own tags around everything and removes certain tags (such as script tags). Plugins, such as Visual composer let you add raw JS, ie. your script tags. However, if you don't want to use a plugin, you can add it directly into your page.php or footer.php (if you want the script for all pages, above ...


As far as I remember pings are outgoing, they don't need your site to accept incoming XML–RPC requests. The call might not be even coming from your site at all. For example site allows you to perform pings for arbitrary URLs.

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