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For now this is the best answer I can find, but I'm hoping for a better solution out there somewhere. functions.php: function Remove_Unneeded_XMLRPC( $methods ) { unset( $methods['wp.getUsersBlogs'] ); return $methods; } add_filter( 'xmlrpc_methods', 'Remove_Unneeded_XMLRPC' ); found this at: ...


Figured it out. $post_obj['permalink'] = my_getDraftPermalink( $post_obj['post_id'] ); That's the correct syntax for getting the post_id. Then a custom function that gets the permalink the same way as the post dashboard UI is required. The dashboard uses get_sample_permalink and not get_permalink, which will return the draft path if the post isn't live. ...


I have same issue for hacking my wordpress websites. Then i have create new user for administrator access and delete default admin user. Then i have installed below plugin and do it's required setting. iThemes Security Wordfence Let me know if you have any query. Thanks

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