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The wp_rand function mixes up the randomization of random numbers with various means, and in between runs it stores the random seed so as to keep the shuffling going every run. The random_seed transient is where it stores that.


the auto_increment value by itself is not important, but the fact that you got there indicates that you do a lot of option insertion either directly or more likely as a transients. As said above, by itself that value is meaningless and even having 1k options should not impact the performance that much if they are auto loading. I would guess that your ...


I had a similar issue on another site recently, memory usage was through the roof. When I checked the db, wp_options was about 80megabytes. Running this SQL reduced the entire db to 15mb: DELETE FROM `wp_options` WHERE `option_name` LIKE '%_transient_%' Obviously, replace wp_ with your table prefix.


Using the FTP of cPanel's File Manager, just get into root/wp-content/plugins and select all the plugins and move them on step up, so the plugins folder will be empty. Clear the browser cache, and try to get into the Admin panel. Doing this WordPress won't try to initiate any of your plugins, and you know plugins are additional to WordPress, not mandatory. ...

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