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You just need to override the function display_tablenav() with a blank function in you parent class. It is explained here.


First of all note that a post can have more than one category, also posts can have no category, what you'll do in that cases? And what about post update? That said, if you look at the url when in edit.php and select a category by clicking on its name, you'll notice that the only thing that change in the url is that the param category_name is appended to ...


This has probably been solved many times here on this site, but maybe not with all your requirements? So let me try to answer it here: You can try to use the all_admin_notices and in_admin_footer actions, wrapped inside the load-edit.php action to target the edit.php page: add_action( 'load-edit.php', function(){ $screen = get_current_screen(); ...


For using the WP_List_Table functionality in a custom plugin, we can do one thing like below: 1. Copy the file class-wp-list-table.php to your plugin folder. 2. Then include that file in your plugin and extend the WP_List_Table (or else you can rename the class) class. 3. If we need any modification, we can do that from there. In this way,we can add bulk ...


Here is the code that does the trick: public function strip_wp_http_referrer () { $current_url = "http://$_SERVER[HTTP_HOST]$_SERVER[REQUEST_URI]"; if (strpos($current_url, '_wp_http_referer') !== false) { $new_url = remove_query_arg( array( '_wp_http_referer', '_wpnonce' ), stripslashes($current_url)); wp_redirect ($new_url); } ...


If WP_List_Table is working for you, then you can just make a copy of this class. And use that. In the WordPress codex, Also says: If you would still like to make use of the class, you should make a copy to use and distribute with your own project. You may define a new class so that it will not interfere with the existing WP_List_Table Class. ...


Actually it was so simple. In order to process bulk actions with post method I should generate the table as follows: <form id="table-filter" method="post"> <input type="hidden" name="page" value="<?php echo $_REQUEST['page'] ?>" /> <?php $wc_rev_ga_trans->display(); ?> </form>

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