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The easiest thing to whitelist page IDs for wp_list_pages() is to use a self removing/single time running filter callback inside get_pages(), which is the function retrieving the data from either Cache or from a fresh query to the DB. You have several options in there: Filter the final DB result To filter the list of returned pages, you can build yourself ...


order is a reserved term, the best - I know of - overview over those can be found here: Codex: register_taxonomy() - Reserved Terms. The list is in it's relevance not restricted to taxonomies. The introduction to it does make it clear(er) why: Avoiding the following reserved terms is particularly important if you are passing the term through the $_GET or ...


This is actaully a naming clash. Wordpress uses the word order in its core as a sorting function, and is also a reserved name that should not be used by themes or plugins Changing your custom post type name to orders will fix your problem


You probably have an action to 'pre_get_posts' that it's excluding the page post-type. Paste that code here, so we can help you.

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