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EDIT: Well, it seems the following approach is a bit DB consuming. Pieter Goosen posted a very interesting alternative. Since this approach has already been accepted as a correct answer I don't know, it it is possible to mark this question still as a duplicate. I flagged my answer so a moderator might have a look. Thanks. I first collect all data in an ...


All three of your dropdowns have the same name in the args so I'm guessing the last one is being used as the default. Give each one a unique name in the args and then use that name to pull the info from $_POST


You could do it for example like this: function wpse182116_get_categories_starting_with($word) { $categories = get_categories(); if (!empty($categories)) { $relevant_ids = array(); foreach($categories as $c) { $cat_name = $c->name; if(substr($cat_name, 0, strlen($word)) == $word) { $relevant_ids[] = ...


You can try this code below $args = array( 'orderby' => 'name', 'order' => 'ASC', 'name__like' => '%LIKE%', 'description__like' => '%LIKE%', ); $terms = get_terms( array( "taxonomy" ), $args ); See more in Codex

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